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Video Interviewing

CHC Consulting is the proud and official Partner distributor for myInterview in South Africa. 

Say BYE to text applications, say HI to video. A better way to hire. 


The Challenge

  • It's hard to determine a candidate's personality and authenticity with a paper-based CV. 

  • Finding qualified candidates that fit the company culture is not easy.  

  • There is a lack of data to aid in screening candidates objectively to make sound hiring decisions. 

  • It is challenging to collaborate with your colleagues and clients to find the best matches. 

Benefits of Video Interviewing

Reduce Time to Fill

  • Relevance for a role, suitability and culture fit.

  • Assess soft skills, presentation, communication and non-verbal communication

Maintain a Digitised Database

  • Visual reference for talent pools

  • Build a pipeline of qualified, screened and referenced talent

Share Faster

  • Share digital candidate profiles internally or externally with hiring managers or clients

Data Driven

  • Use benchmarked candidate scores to make data driven talent decisions

Candidate Friendly
Intuitive Dashboard enables Decisions


Quickly & easily integrate video into your recruitment platforms, ATS, job board, marketplace or ecosystem to minimise friction and enhance the decision making process for employers and users.

Help Save Candidates Personal Job Application Expenses


myInterview can save up to 50% of average public transport costs for urban candidates*

* Based on average data cost (5 minute video interview) versus return public transport in Johannesburg

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