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Talent Assessment

CHC Consulting is the proud and official Partner distributor for the Psycruit assessment platform and suite of assessments for South Africa

Selection Assessment

Psycruit offers a selection of flexible reporting that makes hiring decisions simpler, easier and helpful.

Ability Assessments are available at three difficulty levels and has online verification capability.  The Psycruit ability assessments are kinder to the candidate from an experience perspective as well as more generous timing for optimal performance.



The Insights report is the most comprehensive and technical in orientation - this report is only available to Psychometrists and Psychologists.  


The Personal Feedback Report is helpful to candidates as part of their career development journey.  


The Onboarding Report is a game changing output that is valuable to Line Leaders and Hiring Managers.

The Selection Report makes job fit prediction simple.

People Walking

Psycruit offers a modern, fresh and unrivaled assessment experience for both candidates and the trained professional (Psychometrists and Psychologists).  

Key features of the the platform:

  • End-to-end management of the candidate assessment journey

  • Creation of customised personality questionnaires from an extensive item bank within 46 behavioural dimensions

  • Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create sharper, more accurate and targeted assessment batteries 

  • Exciting, insightful and easy-to-understand assessment reports

  • Placing the the candidate at the heart of the assessment design to ensure fairness and the best possible outcome for the individual going through the assessment process

  • Modern subscription based billing to manage assessment costs 

  • Affordable for the independent consultant Psychometrist or Psychologist

Business Growth

Development Assessment

Development Reports within the Psycruit platform are contemporary, easy to work with and makes personal and team performance growth possible.

The Sales Report is helps individuals and teams in sales roles to gain further self-insight and ultimately achieve greater sales growth. 

The Team Strengths Report helps team members understand their team role and strengths to enhance collaboration and team productivity. 

The Leadership Report makes use of innovative Situational Judgement Assessment and depper personality assessment to help Leaders with helpful self-mastery and growth opportunities to take their organisations forward.